Online DBA Academy is a web based platform that offers Oracle DBA training and mentorship for aspiring Oracle DBA’s.

What separates Online DBA Academy from any other training program online is that you will have a personal mentor with you the entire year you are a part of this program.


Certification Preperation

Over 150 Oracle DBA Training videos that can be accessed 24/7.

Video Training Anytime

Your lessons come equipped with notes, quizzes and projects to reinforce skills learned.

Online Community

Students will have resources to keep them engaged with other students.


Your instructor will be a phone call away. Students can schedule 1 on 1 hour long sessions via the student’s calendar.


This is one of the questions we are asked the most by our potential students. There is no simple answer, which is why Online DBA Academy prepares students for the Oracle OCA Certification Test.

We focus on the three (3) courses below:
  • 1. Oracle Linux
  • 2. Oracle SQL
  • 3. Oracle Database Administration

LEARN MORE about Our Oracle DBA Training Program

If you prefer to watch a video, this video will tell you everything about our DBA Training Program. In the video, you will get to know the founder, how Online DBA Academy was founded, and all that our program has to offer. If you have any questions, please feel free to call 678.506.1235 or send an email to

If your desire is to become an Oracle Database Administrator, there is no such thing as a PLAN B. Instead of creating a Plan B, C, and D, create multiple plans to finish Plan A, which is becoming an exceptional Oracle Database Administrator.


Chris Jones

Chris Jones

We live in a society that values the quick solution, what some deem as the microwave era. I took my time and did some research not just on the course but on the instructor as well. When you call Marshae she answers or gets back to you very quickly. I believe that availability is what turns a potentially frustrating situation into a teachable moment. The projects and assignments help to cement the fundamentals taught in the video courses. The projects also serve as a portfolio builder to showcase your experience with the technology. After watching the YouTube videos and having a few personal conversations with Marshae I knew that Online DBA Academy was a good choice. Like many of you I weighed the cost benefit and wrote out all of the pros and cons of spending this type of money on a course. I didn’t have the money but was confident enough in Marshae as a teacher to trust her process and borrow against my 401K to take this course and I haven’t looked back. I am truly happy that I made this decision and would recommend it to anyone looking to become an Oracle Database Administrator.



Taking courses online is a risk. Taking courses online while being unemployed is a big risk. I do not have money to waste or lose to scams and schemes. So, I backed off the program that I was initially interested in and started searching for what I felt was a more reputable and trustworthy training program. About a month or so later I saw a new YouTube video from Marshae Hannor, on her “DBA Girl” YouTube channel. In one of the videos she stated that she would be opening up a new DBA training academy in a couple of months. I continued to look for other training options in the meantime but really did not find a program that had what I was looking for. I did speak with and email Marshae a few times for information and to ask questions before I signed up for the course. I recall asking her about what an entry level (Jr) DBA can expect to earn. Online DBA Academy gave me a realistic and accurate projection about how much I can expect to earn at the start of my career as a DBA.




Mentorship is very important to the founder of Online DBA Academy. Most classes prepare you for a certification but the courses and mentorship you receive will prepare you for the real world of being an Oracle Database Administrator. There are so many students who have a certification and can’t find a job because they were not trained to do this job properly. Online DBA Academy equips all of its students with all the skills needed to be an outstanding Jr. Oracle DBA. This was the change I saw that needed to be made. Your lessons comes equipped with notes, guides and projects to reinforce skills learned.

We all have a destination we aim for in our careers.
"Having a mentor is equivalent to taking a jet to your destination.
Not having a mentor is equivalent to you walking to your destination."

-Otha Turnbough