Everything About Our Oracle DBA Training Program

We Provide Services to Inspiring Oracle DBA's

Online DBA Academy's Services:

Training Fully Online

Over 150 Oracle DBA Training videos that can be accessed 24/7. Our lessons comes equipped with notes, quizzes and projects to reinforce skills learned.

Certification Preperation

Courses includes Oracle Linux, Oracle SQL 12C, and Oracle DBA 12C. Lessons based off of Certification Exam Topics for the Oracle OCA Certification.

Online Community 

We offer resources to keep our students engaged with each other. Or students have a support team achieving the same goals as they are.

Affordable Prices

Training should be affordable for all. We offer two payment plans that are both affordable compared to prices in today's market for Oracle DBA Training.

Real World Engagement

Training doesn't stop with just videos. We offer free webinars, study groups, more videos, live interviews with DBA's with Q&A's, plus more.

One on One Support

Learning online can be difficult. We train our students as well as offer one on one customed mentorship and custom plans based off of the students' needs.

More Details About Our Oracle DBA Training Program


Online DBA Academy prepare students for the Oracle OCA Cerfication Test for aspiring Oracle DBA. We focus on 3 courses.

1. Oracle Linux
2. Oracle SQL
3. Oracle Database Administration

Online DBA Academy was created because I could not find help when I was training to become a DBA. I went on YouTube, Forums, and websites to find mentorship and guidance and was often met with rudeness and discouraging remarks. DBA's who had been in the fields for years were extremely discouraging. Here is a snippet of advice I received when I first started studying:


Guess what, my degree is in Psychology, I never took one DBA class in college. There were no such things as DBA classes when I was in college. If I would have listen to this advice, I still would not be a DBA today. As discouraging as this was, I vowed that because I was exteremly frustrated and no one would help me, I would help others. I wanted to create videos and be a mentor to those who did not have someone showing them how to get into the field, and I wanted to share my story and help anyone who wanted to become an Oracle Database Administrator. That's how Online DBA Academy was born.

At Online DBA Academy, we take our time to teach everything a DBA should know to enter this field. Our program is a year long program for several reasons. We understand that a company's data is the most valuable asset that a company has. You can not rush to learn the skills required to become an Oracle DBA. Most training programs are anywhere from 1 month to 6 months. We believe that these programs put money first and do not have their students best interests at heart.

This is a field that takes discipline and time to learn. You can not rush your way to become an Oracle DBA. You will have to train and put in the time. We provide all the training and give you a year to test. Not only that, but, we offer weekly study groups with the instructors. Our students are able to schedule one on one time with the instructors. And Online DBA Academy gives students access to real Database Administrators. And when the tough times comes up and everything in you wants to give up, we provide community and the motivation you need to conquer this challenging tasks. We understand this is not easy and will do our part in helping you become an Oracle Database Administrator. 

Video Answers to Your Questions about an Oracle DBA


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