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Oracle Linux 7 Training (Packaged Course) – Full Purchase


Oracle Linux 7 Training Course

Welcome to Oracle Linux 7. This course is design for users who have never used Linux before. The following course is not just any Linux course, this covers Oracle Linux 7 from a DBA’s perspective. Online DBA Academy designed this course with aspiring Oracle Database Administrators in mind. If you are looking to become a DBA and don’t know where to start, this is where you start, with Oracle Linux 7.

Oracle Linux 7 Training Course Overview

I have seen so many instructors in classrooms and online teaching Oracle Database Administration, but the instructors skip all over Linux. Linux is foundation to Oracle Database Administration. I believe Oracle Linux should be the first thing an aspiring DBA purpose to learn when learning Database Administration. Again, this is the foundation, and if your foundation is not solid starting out, you are bound to fail in your career.

This course will hold your hand and teach you. We will teach you, not just the basics, but everything you need to know, concerning Linux. Our teaching will be from a DBA’s perspective. Oracle does not offer a certification course for Linux, but from experience this is the operating systems that 99% of major companies use to run their databases on. And, if you don’t have this foundation knowledge, you will not make it as an Oracle DBA. You must know Linux, more specifically, Oracle Linux.


Oracle Linux 7 Training Course: What to Expect?

This Linux course is like no other. You will get your hands dirty in the very beginning of this course. In this Linux Course, we start off by creating a test system in Oracle Virtual Box. We create the test system first that you will use all throughout your training courses, Oracle Linux, Oracle SQL, and Oracle Database Administration. You will learn very soon, on your own, if troubleshooting and being a Database Administrator is for you or not.

After installs, we dive into the basics of learning what exactly is Oracle Linux and navigating on the command line. We learn about users and passwords, how to use vi editor, just to name a few lessons that are covered.

Furthermore, this course is not for anyone looking to learn Linux for system administrators (sysadmin). Although, in this class, you will act as a system administrator and have to perform certain tasks of a sysadmin, our primary focus will be learning to use this Operating System from an Oracle Database Administrator perspective. Therefore, the majority of the lessons we cover will be based on the job duties of a DBA, not the sysadmin.

Also, to all of our members we offer weekly study groups, webinars, interviews with real DBA’s, and much more. This is truly a community that sole purpose is to help you become an Oracle DBA. Although this course is intense, if you stick with us, you will be an Oracle DBA


And so much more.

Course Curriculum

1. Oracle Linux Course Ovierview
1.1. Linux Course Overview 00:14:37
1.2. Introduction to Linux 00:16:56
2. Installations
2.1.1. Installation of Oracle Virtual Box Overview 00:08:37
2.1.2. Installation of Oracle Virtual Box 00:08:59
2.2.1. Installation of Oracle Linux on Oracle Virtual Box Overview 00:06:14
2.2.2. Download Oracle Linux 7 00:07:30
2.2.3. Installing Oracle Linux 00:23:33
2.2.4. Installing Guest Additions 00:20:57
2.2.5. Setting Up Shared Folders Within Virtual Box 00:09:46
2.3.1. Installing Putty Overview 00:04:31
2.3.2. Installing Putty 00:14:57
3. Linux Basics
3.1.1. Understanding Linux Directory Structure Overview 00:04:51
3.1.2. Understanding Linux Directory Stucture 00:08:43
3.2. Navigating in Linux 00:17:33
3.3. User Management 00:11:05
4. All About Files and Directories
4.1. Create, Delete, Copy, Rename, & Find Files 00:23:21
4.2. Using VI Editor 00:20:23
4.3.1. Group Management, Permissions, & Wildcards Overview 00:08:19
4.3.2. Group Management 00:14:19
4.3.3. Permissions 00:17:05
4.3.4. Wildcard(*) 00:20:01
4.4. Create, Delete, Copy, and Delete Directoires 00:14:00
4.5. Standard Output, Error, and Redirection 00:12:04
5. All about the Environment
5.1. Aliases 00:04:27
5.2. Which Command & Environment Variables 00:13:38
5.3. Bash and Custom Profiles 00:11:25
6.1 Linux Management
6.1. Processes Management and Top Command 00:12:48
6.2. Space Management 00:11:40
6.3. Software Repository Management 00:19:03
7. Learning Oracle Linux Course Project
7.1 Learning Oracle Linux Course Project 00:06:52
8. Backup, Automate Jobs and Transferring Files
8.1. Tar, Transfer, & Untarring Files 00:21:10
8.2. The Cron Tab 00:27:23
8.3. VNC 00:12:05
9. Conclusion
9.1. Oracle Linux 7 Conclusion 00:00:50

Course Reviews


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  1. Oracle Linux Training Review


    Great training course. Very in depth and easy to understand as well as follow. The course provided a wealth of knowledge and a gave me a better understanding of the use and functionality of Oracle Linux.

  2. Challenging and informative


    This Linux course not only taught me about the operating system, it also challenged me to research and find answers for myself.

  3. Great intro to OL


    I’m glad that this course is available as I can already see how Oracle Linux is the foundation to becoming an Oracle DBA. The content is clear and easy to understand. Downloading and installing the software ourselves also proves to be a great learning experience. This prompted me to do additional research and troubleshoot when needed.

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