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Certification Course

Welcome to Oracle SQL Certification Course for 12C. This course is design to teach you everything you need to know to pass the 1Z0-061 Oracle SQL Fundamentals 12C Exam given by Oracle. To reiterate, this is a package course. This course includes Oracle Linux, Oracle SQL, and Oracle Database Administration 1. This packaged deal is designed to help anyone obtain their certification, in addition, get certified as an Oracle Certified Associate for Oracle Database Administration.


 Certification Overview

First of all, what is Oracle SQL and why is it so important? SQL stands for Structured Query Language, SQL is the language developers, database administrators, managers, analysts, and others use in order to talk to the database. In the same way an individual has to learn to how a new language for a new country, that is the same way an individual has to learn to talk to the database. You will not be able to retrieve information from a database if you do not know the language of the database.

Also, there are multiple versions of SQL. Oracle SQL is the version of SQL that Oracle created. There are slight differences between the different versions of SQL. In this course we teach Oracle SQL and everything you need for your exam.

Certification Exam Details and Requirements

Noteworthy, the SQL Certification is part 1 of a 2 part exam for Oracle Certified Associate for new Database Administrators. At Online DBA Academy, we are expecting all to complete the entire certification process, not just the Oracle SQL portion; and, our job is to guide you and mentor you every step of the way.

This test can be taken in your home on your PC. You will have 120 minutes to complete this test. There are 75 questions on the test. In order to successfully pass the test you have to score a 65% or higher. This means you must get at least 49 out of the 75 questions correct. This course is based off of Oracle SQL/Database In this class we will install and use Oracle SQL/Database, this version has everything that is within 12..1.0.1, plus more features. This exam is a multiple choice exam. The price to take this exam is $125.


Certification Course: What to Expect?

In this course we go over every exam topics bullet by bullet. The exam topics and other information can be found here: Certification Exam Info. Below you will find our course curriculum for this certification.  Here at online DBA Academy we provide everything you need to be successfully. You have access to training videos that are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We hosts webinars. We provide study groups for you and your peers to study together weekly. have a support forum and last but not least, you can schedule one on one training with the trainer of this course.

Furthermore, we offer full training to become an Oracle Certified Associate DBA. Visit Online DBA Academy’s store to see all of the courses we offer. You can go to Online DBA Academy Homepage to learn more about us and what we offer.


Certification Course: One Time Purchase or Subscription Option

Online DBA Academy strives to make training to become a Database Administrator affordable for all. We do understand that the price of this course is a lot to have to pay at one time, so we wanted to make this course affordable for all. As a result, if you can’t afford to pay the one time purchase price in full, you can navigate to our Oracle SQL Tutorial Certification Course – Monthly Subscription.  It is the exact same course as this one, the only difference is there is a low monthly fee, vs the one time fee.

In conclusion, If you have any questions, feel free to email them to

God bless you in your studies!

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction
1.1. SQL Course Overview 00:05:13
1.2. Introduction to Oracle 00:10:32
2. Certification Process for Oracle SQL 1Z0-061 Exam
2.1. Oracle SQL Fundamentals 12C Certification 00:08:54
3. Installations
3.1.1. Downloading Oracle Database 00:09:33
3.1.2. Pre-Install Tasks 00:11:34
3.1.3. Installing an Oracle Database 00:19:15
3.2.1. Installing Oracle SQL Developer 00:10:25
3.2.2. Configuring Oracle SQL Developer 00:15:29
4. SELECT Statement
4.1. The SELECT Statement 00:25:19
5. Restricting and Sorting Data
5.1. WHERE Keyword Basics 00:13:02
5.2.1. Operators in the WHERE Clause Part 1 00:09:51
5.2.2. Operators in the WHERE Clause Part 2 00:12:15
5.3. LIKE Keyword and Wildcards 00:09:46
5.4. Using AND and OR Keywords 00:15:41
5.5. ORDER BY 00:09:14
6. Aliases, Concatenation, Substitution
6.1. Aliases 00:07:03
6.2. Concatentation 00:12:26
6.3. DEFINE and Substitution 00:16:33
7. Single Row Functions
7.1. Intro to Single Row Functions 00:10:06
7.2.1. SRF – Characters Part 1 00:13:58
7.2.2 SRF – Characters Part 2 00:10:39
7.3. SRF – Numeric 00:12:01
7.4. SRF-Date and TIme 00:10:51
7.5. SRF – Conversion Part 1 00:16:14
7.6. SRF – Conversion Part 2 00:10:55
7.7. SRF – Null 00:10:57
8. Conditional Expressions
8.1. DECODE 00:13:08
8.2. CASE 00:26:02
9. Group Functions
9.1. Intro to Group Functions 00:17:26
9.2. GROUP BY 00:09:34
9.3. HAVING 00:17:39
10. Sub Queries and SET Operators
10.1. Single Row SubQueries 00:21:09
10.2. Multi-Row Sub Queries 00:18:46
10.3. SET Operators 00:10:57
11. Data Definition Language
11.1. Database Objects 00:15:06
11.2. Creating A Table Overview 00:10:33
11.3. Creating a Table Tutorial 00:26:23
12. Data Manipulation Language
12.1. Data Manipulation Language 00:16:47
13.1. Cartisiean and Equijoins 00:27:27
13.2. Non-Equi Joins and Outer Joins 00:25:11
13.3. Self-Joins 00:15:46
14. Registration For Exam
14.1. Register For Exam and CertView 00:10:08
15. Conclusion
15.1. Oracle SQL Conclusion 00:01:24

Course Reviews


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  1. Complex material made easy


    There are some difficult ideas in SQL that are explained with ease. Clear and concise examples and step by step explanations throughout the entire course. If there was ever something that wasn’t clear from the videos, it was good to know that help was just a phone call away. Definitely worth it.

  2. Oracle SQL review


    The course allows you to study and put the sql querying into practice. Many topics are covered but she breaks down the information in different sections so you can learn different chunks at a time and at your own pace.

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