Hello, I’m Marshae. I’m an individual who has a strong desire to motivate and help others succeed in life. God just happened to bless me with IT skills that have taken me far in just a few years. Putting my passion and IT skills together, along with lots of hard work and dedication, Online DBA Academy was born.

I have been an Oracle Applications DBA for 6 years now, I’ve worked in the Public Sector, Private Sector and for the Government within those years. I've worked for companies such as WVU, Accenture, contract with OPMN, FAA, and CDC. I began teaching Oracle Database to anyone who would listen after I became a DBA. I do find joy in teaching Database Administration and although I like teaching Database Administration, that’s not exactly where my joy comes from. My joy comes from knowing how fast my life changed after becoming a DBA and watching the same thing happen in someone else's life through way of teaching this technology. I'm smiling as I write this and get excited just thinking about it!

So what is so great about Online DBA Academy? Online DBA Academy strives to help you learn the foundation you need to be a DBA in 1 year. If you can dedicate yourself to these courses for just 1 year; myself and others will go over and beyond to help you succeed at obtaining a job as a DBA. Online DBA Academy provides the support that you need. I know exactly what it's like not to have help in this field as I struggled here when I was training to become a DBA. Because of that, Online DBA Academy provides several different ways in which a student will have help in his or her studies. This includes providing a community of people who have the same struggles as you, video training, 1 on 1 meetings, webinars, and more.

Online DBA Academy is here to help you succeed in this journey of becoming a DBA. Thank you for coming by and I hope you find our courses to be exactly what you are looking for.

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