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I decided to do this blog post because of the number of people who come to me expressing their grievances concerning Oracle DBA training scams they have taken in the past. Unfortunately, all the people who come to me after the fact, it’s nothing I can do for them, other than offer advice.

I’m hoping in posting this blog post it will help those who are looking for a good program avoid Oracle DBA Training scams. One student of mine, decided to do some research after he was already in a course. After finding my YouTube videos and talking with me for a while, he decided to join my course, because his course did not have what he felt he needed to be successful. One of the things he said to me was, “I didn’t know what to look in finding a good program. I knew something was wrong but I didn’t have anything to compare what I was doing to.”

When he said this, I realized there are a lot of people who are in his same boat. They are online looking for a good training program but, there are not a lot of programs or research to know what a person should be looking for. So I will put it all in this blog post. Below are the most important thing that any DBA program can have. I hope this helps you guys make a good choice when choosing a good DBA Training Program

1. An Oracle DBA Training  Scam will be 6 months or less.

The reason I believe a dba training program should be 6 months or more is because well:

  1. I was able to study all day(at minimum 10 hours some days), every day and even for six months before obtaining my certification. Even with me having the time to study that way, truthfully I still did not feel ready to work on a job. There is so much to learn to be a DBA.

I was able to study the way that I did because my brother had recently died and because of depression, I didn’t go to work and ended up losing my job. That will not be the case for most people. I know more than likely you have a full-time or part-time job you have to go to everyday. So you would have to study before work, after work, and on weekends. Not to mention, some of you have spouses and kids, I know they take up a majority of your time as well. All of these things must be taken into consideration when you choose an Oracle dba training course you will be paying for.

  1. From what I have seen and with talking with people who have taken oracle dba training courses this, any class that is less than 6 months is extremely rushed. The instructors are trying to cram 3 full courses on you in less than 6 months. Those 3 courses are 1. Oracle Linux, 2. Oracle SQL, and 3. Oracle Database Administration. All 3 of these courses take time, energy, and hands on practice to learn what you need to know.

I am telling you as someone who work on databases every day, on the job and off the job, there is no way you will be prepared to be a DBA taken a course that is less than 6 months. If you look at the exam topics alone for Oracle SQL and Oracle Database Administration, it is extremely overwhelming. I am a living witness that everything can be learned and conquered, but I can also tell you it is not to possible to learn, understand, and apply this knowledge in less than 6 months, you will need 6 months or more.

2. See the value before spending anything to avoid Oracle DBA Training Scams.

Another thing I see people doing from my YouTube channel is, they blindly purchased a DBA training course. They knew nothing about the trainer, how the course was setup, or how the instructor taught the course. All they knew is, I want to become an Oracle DBA, or I want to get more money for my future, this person can help me so let me take his course.

My advice here is to find the value in the instructor or in the course before purchasing anything. To give you an example of what I mean:

One of the greatest lessons I ever learned in life it’s better to give than it is to receive. I give away so much knowledge in value on my YouTube Channel, if you don’t believe me, go see for yourself. I give as much as I can because I want you to be successful. I put my knowledge, my experiences, and my setbacks on YouTube so that you will get a feel of who I am and what I can offer and add to your experience of you becoming a DBA.

From what I have seen is, most instructors online and on the ground are just looking to get paid. I will be honest, yes I want you to purchase my course, but more than that I want you to be successful.

So my advice would be, do research on the instructor as well as the course before you purchase anything. See what the instructor is willing to give you for free without you investing a dime. If they can’t show you their worth up front, do you really think it is worth it, to take a course from them, when you don’t know their value?

3. The instructor should work as an Oracle DBA or have years of experience as a DBA.

I know this should be obvious but I kid you not, I talk to people have gotten duped by trainers who have no experience as a DBA. As a matter of fact I talk to trainers who are getting over on students. Here is an example:

oracle dba training scams

There is no way an instructor can teach something they have no real-world experience in. So please make sure that the instructor have proof, if need be that he or she has worked in this field.

4. The program main focus should be to teach you Oracle Database Administration.

Last but not least, please ensure that the trainer will do more than just motivate you. Motivation will not get you a job, you can be the most motivated person in the world, but if you don’t KNOW Oracle Database Administration, you will not get hired.

I have heard horror stories from my people as well as my students of how they would sit in a class for 2 to 4 hours. They would go over some DBA stuff, but the majority of the class, the instructor is motivating the students. The instructors tell students, how much they make, what they do at work all day, how easy and how easy the job is. I’ve heard stories where instructors train students on various ways to get past the interview. Students spend the majority of their time practicing to pass an interview instead of actually learning everything they can about Oracle Database Administration.

I want to warn you, if you are in any of these type courses or considering a course, please look for these things. If you see these things, more than likely it is not a good training program.

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Happy Studies and God Bless!


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